Mattress cleaning facts

* Did you know you spend a third of your life in bed but is the place that you clean the least, if at all?
*The average bed contains millions of dust mites that survive on warm , moist conditions and feed off of the 2-3 pounds of dead skin you shed every year.
*Dust mites are a common trigger of asthma and are the second leading cause of allergies behind pollen.
*The weight of the average mattress doubles every ten years due to mattress infestation.
*Dust mites produce up to 200 times their body weight in excrement
*During a female dust mites 70 day lifespan they can lay up to 100 eggs each week.

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The Ecofresh way of Vancouver Mattress Cleaning / Sanitizing

sTEP 1

*We dry vac all sides of the mattress with our high powered truck mount unit to remove all loose dust mites, loose debris, fecal matter and dirt.

step 2

*We then vacuum your mattress again with our special 3 stage Ecovac

Stage 1- vibration- our Ecovac has a unique vibrating feature that will assist in the release on millions of dust mites embedded and hooked in the fibres of your mattress
Stage 2- UV-C light - This is the most important step in the mattress sanitization process. The Ecovac is a 100% safe, non toxic insecticide free method equipped with a germicidal UV-C lamp that will eliminate and exterminate 98.9% of dust mites, flea eggs, bacterial, germs, e-coli, and the H1N1 virus. UV-C technology has been used since the 1920’s and is still used today in hospital sterilization, food processing and water plants. It
Stage 3-Micro allergy filtration - the final stage is a 2 stage micro allergy filtration that will assist in the removal of all unwanted dust mites and other allergy causing germs and bacteria.

step 3

* We then lightly mist your mattress with our Ecofresh neutralizer/sanitizer to refreshen and rejuvinate your mattress.


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